O.M.C GLAZING LINE lenght: 110 mt
FOR BIG SIZE TILES - max 60x60 cm.     
 omposed by:
Tile transport system at 4 + 4 belts complete of:
n° 26 motorgear 1,5 Kw
n°110 mt. single feet and metallic frame,
n° 30 set of bearings, shaft and pulleys,belt support,
n° 30 set of side guides,
n° 26 electrical canalization support poles,
n° 1  Complete electrical equipment with panel board.(without
n° 3 Curve 90° belt system  diam. 1000mm L= 700mm
n° 1 Single horizontal brush with fan O.M.C
n° 1 Automatic spacer by O.M.C
n° 4 Spraying  double-disc cabin O.M.C  With n° 2 inverter
        control speed
n° 1 Multiple Rotating brushes by IRI diam.1000 mm/12sat.
n° 2 Steel booths open for fixer by O.M.C  1 nozzle
n° 1  Rotary printing machine at 4 head  O.M.C
n° 1  Silicon vertical  machine at 4 head TECNOITALIA
n° 1 Dray grits and glaze applicator by O.M.C
n° 4 Tank stirrer mod. SIRIO diam 900mm with vibrating
        sieves for glaze diam.400mm AND PUMP kw 1.5  O.M.C
Used in excellent running condition.             
Made in 2008